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Profytz Coaching

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Like Rocket Fuel for Your Real Estate Business

Profytz executive coaching uniquely utilizes fractional CEO mentorship to partner with real estate team owners to optimize their processes, help their team reach peak performance, and live their best life - all while building an empire.

The Profytz Experience

Some Love From Our Amazing Clients, Past and Current

Elizabeth McNally

Working with Mike has been a truly transformative experience. His insightful thoughtful guidance and strategic approach has provided me with a fresh perspective on my professional goals. Mike’s ability to identify and address key challenges has been instrumental in working towards overcoming obstacles and fostering growth. His teams’ personalized and hands-on approach has not only enhanced my leadership skills but also started to improve overall team dynamics. The collaborative nature of our sessions has created a supportive environment for exploring innovative ideas and implementing effective strategies. Overall, working with Mike has proven to be a valuable investment in my professional development.

Elizabeth McNally
20 Years in the industry, Team Owner/CEO/Entrepreneur , Real Estate Collective, #1 Small Team in Canada with Real Broker
My experience coaching with Mike has been nothing short of amazing. Since working with him, I’ve achieved goals I once thought were impossible. Mike’s insightful guidance, strategic planning, and genuine passion for personal growth make him an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Mike Schumm for anyone looking to transform their life and achieve lasting success. Thanks, Mike!
Ryan Todey, CMPS
[This year, I grew to become] the number one agent at ΓEA⅃ Broker, and am a team owner in Southern Idaho. Coaching with Mike has been a great experience so far. In the short time we have been coaching with him, Mike has helped us systematize our business, study our profitability, and help us focus on what we need to do to move forward. It has provided us with clarity and direction that was lacking before. We have big goals for 2024 and know with Mike’s help we will reach them. Mike knows his stuff, and shares his knowledge in an easy to understand way. [We are] so grateful to have Mike on our team and in our life.

Desi Williams

Become The Top Leader In Your Marketplace

And Stop Managing Everything Yourself!

Is your team not performing at their best? Are you selling houses and closing deals, but aren’t nearly as profitable as you should be? Are you tired of being overly busy owning a job instead of running your business like an actual business?

“I don’t know how to motivate my team”

“I’m so frustrated with agent turnover”

"With all the volatility in the industry, I'm not sure what to do to thrive in the current environment"

"I don't know where my profits are going at the end of the month"

"I don't have enough free time to do the things I love"

"I feel trapped running my business"

Profytz Executive Coaching brings over 35 years of expertise to help you identify the bottlenecks to your growth, gain massive clarity on what steps to take next, and increase your profitability through improving your systems and processes in your business.


The Profytz Executive Coaching System

Most real estate team owners are trying to inspire their team, handle leads, close deals and grow their business – all at the same time.

But here’s the problem with that: What got you to this level will not get you to the next one!

The more you try to do everything at once, the more you stagnate, spin your wheels, and watch your competitors pass you by.

Until finally you’re frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling and reach the next level – and you’re burnt out from all the effort that continuously leads nowhere.

Phase One


Phase Two


Phase Three


Phase Four



The battle-tested Profytz Executive Coaching System is a totally new way of scaling your income through systemization.

First, we analyze every piece of your business to get massive clarity to meet you where you are and diagnose the bottlenecks in your growth.

Then, we clear out the clutter and maximize each stage of your business from lead flow, to optimizing your team, to closing more deals by creating a unique plan.

We then work with you in a fractional CEO relationship to implement the plan to ensure the improvements are achieved.

Finally, we lay out exact directives to help you implement at each level, so you can finally build a profitable 7, 8, 9 or even 10 figure business.

A Proven Plan, By World-Leading Experts

You may be wondering:
Why Should I Listen to You?

We have 35 years of experience building businesses and successfully coaching hundreds of teams to scale their businesses and significantly increase their profitability. We’ve helped our clients turn their job into a true business, resulting in the freedom to spend more time with their families, do more of what they love, take dream vacations, and step away from their business.

If you’re curious if that’s even possible for you…

What did Einstein say
about doing the same thing
over and over again
and expecting different results?

It’s the definition of insanity!

“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

The reality is, if you don’t try something different today – nothing will change.

But if you are sick and tired of handling every piece of your business yourself and you know you’re capable of more…

Then you require a proven system that will allow you to reach your income goals, do the work you love, AND give you the freedom to spend quality time with the people you care about the most.


You deserve to enjoy success on your own terms.

You have a team and you’re closing deals – but you’re not sure how to make your business more profitable. We streamline your current systems and processes so you reach the next level and your business supports your life instead of being your life.

Without the right roadmap, you’re getting nowhere fast. We work with you as part of your team to implement this strategy in your business and make sure you get everything right the first time. We walk you through step-by-step so you see results and leave absolutely nothing to chance.

You’ve got the dream – now get the tools to make it happen.


What They're Saying

We are so grateful for our amazing clients

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